Unifi Speed Test – Ookla Based Speed Test

Unifi Speed Test Important Notes

Unifi speed test is the test measurement of the Telekom Malaysia internet services TM unifi and TM unifi Lite. This can also be used to measeure the TM Streamyx connection speed.

Before perform the unifi speed test, connect only one device to make sure the measurement results is the most accurate or you can turn off other devices connections to your internet. Connection of many devices may affect the measurement as they may consume the bandwith and give a lower unifi test speed result.

Unifi Speed Test

Unifi Speed Test – Why do we need to check the speed?

As you know, unifi speed varies from time to time. So, by regularly doing the speed test, you may detect irregularities of your internet connection. For example, if you detect the speed is much lower than what you have subscribed, then you may use this reference to contact the TM unifi support team.

There may be some other reasons that could affect your internet connection speed such as:

  • Unauthorized connections from your neighbours to your internet Wi-Fi.
  • Equipment performance down after long time usage.

As a conclusion you supposed to get the speed you are paying for. You should not be satisfy if you only get the speed of 30Mbps while you are paying for the speed of 300Mbps.

Internet Speed in Malaysia

Main Internet Service Providers

Unifi is wired internet services in Malaysia with the speed ranges from 30Mbps to 1000Mbps. The services are provided by Telekom Malaysia (TM) and Maxis Broadband by Maxis Communications Malaysia. These two main internet service providers support availability not only in big cities, urban area but also villages including in Sabah and Sarawak.

TM Unifi

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