Speed test TM

Before perform speed test

Make sure only one device that is used for the speed test is connected. Disconnect other devices. Otherwise, these devices will partially consume the bandwidth and may give inaccurate results.

If your internet speed is above 50Mbps, use a mobile device that can support 5G. For PC connect with Gigabit network cable and not normal network cable can only support up to 100Mbps.

For example if you have 100Mbps TM Unifi installed and you modem supports 5G and you mobile does not, then your mobile will not measure speed above 50Mbps.

MOST IMPORTANT: If you are using prepaid internet with limited internet mobile data, every time you perform the internet speed test, it will deduct from your data balance. Please consider carefully before speed test.


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Main internet service providers (ISP) in Malaysia

Telekom Malaysia (TM)

TM has the widest network coverage in Malaysia including Sabah and Sarawak of East Malaysia. Type of internet includes TM Unifi Fibre and Streamyx ADSL. Connection speed range from as low as 1Mpbs up to 500Mbps with the price range from RM68 to RM329 (excluding 6% service tax).

Maxis Communications

Maxis Malaysia covers both mobile 4G internet and fibre connection. Mobile internet covers almost all areas in Malaysia including rural areas, and of course, they cover Sabah and Sarawak as well. Since Maxis fibre is dependent on the TM fibre infrastructure, the fibre coverage is exactly the same as the TM.

If you find your address is within TM Unifi coverage, you can choose to subscribe Maxis Fibre. Maxis offer a slightly cheaper monthly subscription as they do not bundle with an internet TV package. Instead, you can get an unlimited free nationwide call by only adding RM10 to your package.

DiGi Telecommunication (DiGi)

In the past DiGi just only provided the mobile internet services, however they are now also provide fibre internet as the price similar to our providers TM and Maxis.

Time Fiber (Time)

Time fibre only provides the fastes speed full fibre internet and the coverage is very limited to cities.


Celcom offers both mobile internet and fibre internet. Price range for fibre internet is from RM80 to RM259.


There are a few other providers such as U-Mobile, RedOne, OneXOX etc, but they only provide the mobile internet services.