Internet Speed Test

Before perform internet speed test

Make sure only one device that is used for the speed test is connected. If possible disconnect all other devices. Else, the results may not be inaccurate as the other devices also consume the bandwidth.

If your internet speed is above 50Mbps, use a mobile device that can support 5G. For PC connect with Gigabit network cable and not normal network cable can only support up to 100Mbps.

For example, if you have 500Mbps Time Fibre installed and you modem supports 5G and your mobile does not, then your mobile will not measure speed above 450Mbps.

MOST IMPORTANT: If you are using prepaid internet with limited internet mobile data, every time you perform the internet speed test, it will deduct from your data balance. Please consider carefully before performing a speed test. If your data plan is unlimited, nothing to worry just proceed to speed test.



About internet speed test

Internet nowadays is a necessity rather than an option. Internet is cheaper now, and the penetration rate is very high in every country and almost everyone has internet access from their mobile phone. Due to high internet penetration and more users has internet connection compared to a decade ago, you may find slowness in your internet connection. Here is where we find the regular internet connection test is very important.

Please take note that the results here are for your reference only. If you find slowness for your internet connection, the ISP support agent may want you to check the speed. Then this is the right one. We link our test to the Ookla test environment.

Possible Reasons for Internet Connection Slowness

Unauthorized connections to your WiFi device. You will not know it until to access to your WiFi device. In the management screen, you can see how many current connections and if you see suspicious connections, your can kick those connections out. You should change the password that relatively difficult to change or only allowed only connections from certain devices with certain MAC address.

Secondly, there is the possibility that there is a problem with your ISP. Then your should contact your ISP.

As to end this, happy checking internet speed connection in the UK.

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